Cayla O’Connell Davis is the New York-based founder of Knickey, a stylish new organic cotton underwear label that seeks to reset how we think about sustainability in the supply chain. She and her cofounder, Lauren Sagadore, met at Parsons School of Design and started Knickey in late 2018, and set to work designing a versatile and practical collection of underwear that was fully sustainably produced, with a transparent supply chain from organic cotton farm all the way to your mailbox.

After a well-timed feature on Vogue’s website led to them selling in their first week, Cayla has been working hard to make her business as sustainable as her products, and in this episode she talks us through the whole journey from that first phone call with her cofounder saying “Let’s do this!” through to working on expanding their range for the coming year.

If you have ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes in an ambitious and ethical underwear or apparel startup, this episode is for you.



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