As I’m planning the next leg of my current journey, I find myself referring back to many travel resources. With so many different websites, it can be overwhelming when trying to plan a trip. I’ve compiled a list of my top travel resources, which I use frequently and I hope they can be useful to you as well.


There are so many travel blogs out there, so it can be tough to find the best ones. Here is a short list of four blogs that I read often and have used for my own travels. These folks put a lot of time and effort into their blogs, so it’s worth taking a look!

Be My Travel Muse: Kristin is one heck of a solo traveler. She’s traveled globally for years and provides a lot of useful travel information, with a focus on female solo travel.

Hecktic Travels: This couple sets the standard of how to travel well as a duo. Darlene and Pete are a married couple who travel the world and frequently house-sit along the way.

Legal Nomads: Jodi Ettenberg quit her job as a lawyer to travel the world. This blog has a foodie emphasis, but I love her list of World Travel Resources. Legal Nomads is also a great resource for those who are interested to learn more about traveling and eating a gluten free diet along the way.

Wandering Earl: Earl has been on the road since 1999 and truly is a nomad. He provides plenty of travel guides and other resources. His blog is also rather entertaining, as Earl tends to travel off the beaten path.

YouTube for Travel: 

I love watching travel videos for inspiration of new places to travel to, in addition to learning more about locations I’m about to visit. Here’s a quick list of my favorite YouTube channels.

Psycho Traveler: This girl is awesome. She’s done loads of traveling in Australia, New Zealand, and SE Asia. Aly provides no nonsense travel advice in entertaining videos. Her channel is frequently updated and features great content.

Wolters World: This channel provides great snapshots of locations. They also do a “love and hate” series which gives an honest look at cities. I watched this channel quite a bit last year as I was traveling through Europe.

Lindsey Cowie: A great Camino de Santiago based channel.


Podcasts seriously keep me going and entertained at all hours.  I find them to be comforting as I travel on the road – not only as a source of information, but a connection to other travelers. Hearing the stories of others remind me that I’m not the only one out there! Travel related podcasts can be great for updated information and inspiration for different locations too.

Nomadtopia Radio: I was on this podcast earlier this year and it was wonderful speaking with Amy Scott, the host of Nomadtopia Radio. This is a great podcast to hear the stories of digital nomads who are living in a variety of settings, whether on the road, in their home countries, or a mix of the two.

Amateur Traveler: This is a great podcast for more obscure locations, along with the more obvious international destinations. Be sure to check this one out.

Travel on the cheap: 

WWOOF: Which stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms” is an organization that functions globally connecting volunteers and organic farmers. Volunteers put in their time and effort in exchange for room and board. I was a WWOOF volunteer in Ireland during 2014 and it was a great experience.  Mind you working on farms during an Irish winter isn’t rosy at all hours, but it sure was a great experience overall.  You have to pay a modest membership fee, but I think it’s worth it for the people you meet and the money saved for accommodation and board.

HelpX: HelpX is great, as I’ve been using this resource for a number of years. HelpX is a way for travelers to volunteer in a variety of settings in exchange for room and board similar to WWOOFing. Unlike WWOOFing, you can volunteer in other places besides organic farms. The specifics are dependent on the host, but I’ve been a HelpX volunteer in a number of capacities. I worked at a luxury B&B in Italy, an organic farm in Scotland, helped as a nanny in Ireland, and most recently helped a Kiwi couple in New Zealand paint their house. It’s awfully random, but you sure can save a lot of money and meet wonderful people along the way. Again, a paid membership is needed, but I think it’s worth it.

TrustedHousesitters: This is a paid membership site, but it can connect you with people who are looking for house sitters. The house sitting assignments can be short such as a week or long term for months at a time. House sitting can be a great way to save money on accommodation. You may also connect with others to do a house swap via this website.

Trip planning tools:

Skyscanner: I always begin my flight research on Skyscanner. This is where I look up the cheapest flights and then I proceed to purchase the flights directly from the airline. Hands down, Skyscanner is awesome.

Pinterest: This can be an overwhelming source of information, but I find it to be really helpful.  I’ve compiled resources based on destination that I tend to reference before and during trips on my own page.

There you have it, my top travel resources. What did I miss? What are you favorite travel resources? I know there’s more out there I have yet to discover! Please do let me know in the comments below.

Happy and safe travels!


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Top Travel Resources

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