Now that I look back at these photos, I’ve already become nostalgic for what was my 2-week solo road trip on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand. It was less than a month ago that I was driving on the left side of the road and now I’m in much warmer place, on the island on Bali.

This road trip meant a lot to me. It was the furthest I’d driven on my own, in addition to being in a foreign country. Everyday was mine and mine I made it. From hiking in beautiful Wanaka to seeing the beautiful beaches on both the east and west coasts – this trip took me places.

I was on the road with my Escape Rental Campervan for 15 days and drove 1,385 miles (2229.5 kilometers).

Sit back, relax, and let’s go to the South Island of New Zealand in 41 photos. Don’t forget – keep left.

Ferry from Wellington to Picton
Ferry from Wellington to Picton


Kaikora Beach, I took the bus from Picton to Christchurch to pick up my campervan. This was a quick pit stop.
Kaikora Beach, I took the bus from Picton to Christchurch to pick up my campervan. This was a quick pit stop.


Picking up my home away from home at Escape Rentals in Christchurch
Picking up my home away from home at Escape Rentals in Christchurch


3 Campsite Day 1 Lake Mc
Campsite at Lake MacGregor


Lake Tekapo
Lake Tekapo


See where gravel roads take you.
See where gravel roads take you.


Lindis Pass


7 Bendigo
Campsite at Bendigo. Pretty sure my van won the neighborhood cool campervan competition.


8 Cromwell
Cromwell, an adorable little town worth checking out


9 Hike
Hiking near Cromwell


10 Queenstown
Beauty near Queenstown


11 cardona
Quick coffee stop in Cardona


12 wanaka
THAT Wanaka Tree


13 rugby wanaka
A rugby game, small children on the field, and a rainbow. Oh Wanaka!


14 albert town
One of my favorite campsites in Albert Town, not far from Wanaka


14 rainbow
Beauty at Lake Hawea


15 unreal
Lake Hawea


16 lake camp
Camping at Lake Paringa. The sand flies were out to get me. And they sure got me.


17 mist
Lovely evening at the Lake Paringa.


18 glacier
Fox Glacier


19 glacier
Franz Josef Glacier and Mt. Cook region. I was so lucky with the weather that day.


20 camp
Camping at Greymouth


21 road
Heading North on State Highway 6


22 pancake
Pancake Rocks


23 bridge
The Buller Gorge Swing Bridge


24 shrooms
Forest mushrooms


25 me
A self-timer, a solo travelers best friend.


26 trig station
Trig Station


27 road
Heading towards Nelson


28 able tasman
Split Apple Rock at Able Tasman


29 able
Took a boat ride at Able Tasman National Park. It poured. The rain knows how to rain in the South Island.


30 sunrise
Camping at Tasman.


31 harbor
Waterfront at Mapua


32 island
Rabbit Island


33 shoes
Shoe Fence, Marlborough. This apparently started as a joke and stuck.


34 wine
Driving through wine county.


35 snow
Snow on the peaks in Marlborough.


36 seal
I made a new friend at the Ohau Point Seal Colony


37 beach
Kaikora Coast


38 last sunrise
Meat Works campsite, this was literally a stones throw from where I slept.


Meat Works Campsite. Snowcapped mountians in the distance and the coast behind.


40 memories
Back in Christchurch with a few of my guides and maps from the journey.

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Photography note: All photos were taken with a Nikon D3200 HDSLR camera with AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 18-55mm lens.(I still don’t really know what all of that means, but there you go.) Only edits made were minor crops and resizing.

Photo Essay: New Zealand Road Trip in 41 Photos

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