Here you will find my bucket list, or as I like to call it, my Life ListPlaces I want to experience, things I want to do, and everything else.  All wrapped up in a handy “to do list”. 

Go there, see that: Travel

Visit a new country every year of my life 

Visit Thailand (this has been on my list for ages

Bali, oh Bali: I hope to see you soon A dream come true in June 2016

Hike in Arches National Park in Utah February 2016

Treat my home state of Oregon like a foreign country, seriously explore new places  

Go to Greece  June 2014

Hike Havasu Falls in Arizona

Visit The Great Barrier Reef April 2016: Went snorkeling at 3 site on The Great Barrier Reef. Easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve been. Felt like I was swimming in an aquarium. A dream come true.

Snorkeling on The Great Barrier Reef: April 2016 near Cairns, Australia

Visit South America Peru 2010

Visiting a Wonder

Walk the Camino de Santiago, all 500 miles Fall of 2013 – I walked from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to Finesterre, Spain

the start
Walk Across Spain? Done.

Take a cross-country road trip Summer 2014: Portland, Oregon to Baltimore, Maryland.  Over 3,000 miles clocked with a good college friend.

Return to Sedona, Arizona

Go to Australia March 2016

Where I feel best, amongst the trees. Mt Tamborine, Queensland Australia March 2016

Live in a foreign country for one year  Cameroon 2007-2008

Traditional Dress in Cameroon

Watch a sunrise and a sunset in the same day Fall 2013: Spain during the Camino de Santiago

It’s cliche, yes.  But I’d love to stay the night in an above water villa

Fly first class, it’s all about leg room for this tall lady

After I had a hot air balloon fly over my head in Holland, I decided I wanted to fly in one: Fly in a hot air balloon! 

Visit The Netherlands when all the tulips are blooming

Do this, do that: Get Physical

Yoga isn’t supposed to be competitive, but I’d like to improve my practice:

figure out a proper handstand, hold a headstand, hold boat for 20 seconds, which has been the bane of my athletic existence

Practice yoga in every country I visit, countries so far: – Ireland, Italy, Greece, The Netherlands, Scotland, France

Take an in-person yoga class from Adriene from Yoga with Adriene

Go to a yoga retreat 

Run another half-marathon and beat my previous time of: 1 hour and 52 minutes (8:35 min miles)

Run a full marathon 

Run a race with my Step-Dad Bill.  He’s been running since the 60’s before it was mainstream and now he’s in his 60’s.  Raced with Bill, stride by stride during the Run to Stay Warm 10K in Eugene, Oregon USA on November 22, 2015

run to stay warm
10K Run with Bill, my wonderful Minnesotan Step-Dad

Surf in warm waters, I should probably learn how to surf first…

Learn how to surf

Attend a tango class in a foreign country December 2013 in Dublin, Ireland.

Take a solo backpacking overnight trip

Walk another portion of the Camino de Santiago April 2015, South of France 

Hike the Oregon section of the Pacific Crest Trail

Do something that scares the daylights out of me: skydive and/or bungee jump

Climb a mountain 

Brain power: Mind time

Become fluent in a foreign language. Fluent in French, July 2015 thanks to duolingoBenny, and Alexa.  

Meditate 30 days in a row and see what happens

Read all of the Harry Potter books.  #latebandwagon On book I now.

Conquer my ill math skills – I’ve always struggled with math and that needs to change

Shoot, produce, and publish a coffee table photography book

Me, myself and I: Self-improvement 

Learn how to drive a stick shift May 2014 in Italy.  Many thanks to my patient and hilarious friend Diane for teaching me.

Don’t wear makeup 30 days in a row Easily accomplished in fall 2013 during the Camino de Santiago

Make up? No thanks! I have 500 miles to walk.

See Girl Talk live and dance my face off

Write a travel blog  July 2014 Sleeping In Airports Blog 

Start my first business August 2014 Launched 45th Parallel North LLC

Walk the runway in a fashion show 2008 & 2009 Walked in two shows for Modified Style in Portland, Oregon USA. 

Doug Fir Modified Style Fashion Show. 2008

Be featured on a podcast I originally counted this interview with Location Rebel, but then I was really featured on a podcast! Check out my interview on Nomadtopia Radio with Amy Scott, talking about my life as a digital nomad.

Get my hair cut at curly girl central in NYC 

Get over my fear of mice.  Ugh, SICK.

Help Out: Make the world a better place

Donate blood without passing out. Update: So apparently I can’t donate blood ever again because I’ve had malaria. Sad trombone. 

Volunteer on organic farms  Winter 2013-Spring 2014 in Ireland and Scotland

Volunteer at least once a month for an entire year – Meals on Wheels, soup kitchen, etc

Have my own garden, grow fruit & veg, and share with others

Set up a home base somewhere in the world and invite all of the friends and family who have hosted me over the years. I’ve been so fortunate to stay with so many lovely people all over the world and I’d love to repay them in some shape or form.

Updated: April 5, 2016

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