I had a few ideas rolling around my head for the blog this week. It wasn’t until I looked over at my cup of morning tea when I knew what to write about: how to take a trip without leaving the house. There’s plenty of reasons that you might not be able to take a trip at the moment, but here’s a few ways you can “travel” without going anywhere.

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Travel by book via the beauty of literary transport

1) Read a book

There’s loads of literary options to transport you to a new world and all you have to do is read. Here’s a few ideas to get you started: The best 20 travel books of all time

2) Watch a movie

Some films really do have the capacity to take you to a new place and expose you to new ideas. Here’s a few recommendations from The Expert Vagabond: 25 Best Travel Movies Ever 

3) Talk a walk down memory lane

While looking to the future and making plans sure has it’s importance, it can be fun to look back at your past travels. I recently went through my photos from walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. Seeing the images and watching a few short videos brought back all sorts of memories, both positive and negative. It’s nice to see where you’ve been and it’s incredible how looking at images can transport you back to a place and time. It might even be nice to write down some of your stories or memories as you glance back at photos and mementos, as new thoughts or ideas can pop into your head.

4) Listen to a podcast

I have learned so much from podcasts over the years and I can’t recommend them enough. When it comes to travel Amateur Traveler and Travel with Rick Steves both have a way of taking you to a different place. You really can sit back and feel like you’re in a whole new world when listening to podcasts.

5) Story time

Depending on if you live with someone, you might have to leave the house for this one! Talk to other people about their travels and share your own stories. Most people enjoy talking about their experiences, but you do have to ask! Sometimes it can be fun to hear the same travel stories again too. I know I’m guilty of asking my Mom to tell her stories again and again about when she traveled in Ireland as a young woman. Spending time with people and hearing about their travels really can take you to a new place.

6) Listen to music 

I heard a song in French the other day and I was immediately taken back to France. I love how music can take you to past places or even to new ones. Try listening to new music in different languages and see what happens!

7) Dream

Cheeseball alert, but it’s true – give yourself some space to let your mind wander and see what happens. Dream about the places you want to go and what possibilities await you on the road. A lot of travels begin with an idea a dream of “I would love to go (fill in the blank)”, but unless you start to make things happen, that trip most likely will not happen. So dream away!

While I’m all for getting out and seeing new places, sometimes it’s nice to travel in a different sort of way. Getting into a good book or movie really can take you far away. I hope that these tips will be helpful to you, even if you’re not taking a trip anytime soon.

As for not leaving the house to travel, I’ll be doing quite the opposite the next 2 months! I have some wonderful adventures planned: a road trip in Ireland, visiting friends in Holland, a road trip through New England/Canada, in addition to spending time on the east coast of the USA. I look forward to sharing my adventures along the way. Be sure to follow Making Her Way on Instagram, which is where I post the most often.

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7 Ways to Take a Trip Without Leaving the House
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