There’s a few signs you’ve returned home after traveling abroad besides a memory card full of photos and a passport full of new stamps. Regardless if you’ve been studying abroad, backpacking around Europe, or possibly living overseas: returning home can be quite the transition. Although I’ve had a lot of practice traveling and living abroad the past few years, I always find returning home to be quite the experience.

While reuniting with family and friends is wonderful, it can take time and energy to get used to being back home. In the midst of my recent transition back to the states from traveling around the world, I’ve found myself laughing out loud at some of the reminders that I’ve been traveling abroad for awhile.

Here are 25 signs you’ve returned home after traveling abroad:

1 Plugging anything into the wall is pure joy: no adapters!

2 If you’re from The States, you may have forgotten about how big things are in comparison to the rest of the world. Namely cars, highways, people, and food portions.

3 You hug family and friends a little bit tighter than when you last left.

4 You start to follow local Instagrammers in your area. (I just started flowing a ton of local Oregonians to remind me of the local beauty of my home state.)

5 You find a safe place for your passport so it’s ready future adventures.

6 Sometimes you take out your passport to look at your stamps.

Passport stamps are my tattoos
Passport stamps are my tattoos

7 ….then you look at the blank pages of your passport and wonder where you’ll go next.

8 It brings you great joy to call your friends on the phone instead of planning Skype dates weeks in advance.

9 Being in the same time zone as your loved ones feels like a luxury.

10 When you’re in the driver’s seat you have to remind yourself to keep right and not drive down the left side of the road like you did abroad. (Oh Ireland and New Zealand)

Keep left: my road trip wheels in New Zealand
Keep left: my road trip campervan in New Zealand

11 When you look at your ATM receipt it feels damn good to know that’s exactly how much money you took out and you don’t need to worry about exchange rates.

12 Walking into a Target feels like a religious experience. Same goes for Trader Joe’s.

13 People often ask you how long you’ll be back for and you might not have a clue. (And that’s totally fine.)

14 When you open up your closet to grab a jacket you look at your travel backpack and smile.

15 You have a few different foreign cities loaded into your weather app so you can keep a close eye on places you hope to visit one day.

16 You can tell you have a lot of friends living abroad because they’re posting pictures of their dinner on Instagram when you haven’t had lunch yet.

17 You’re happy you bought that bracelet in Bali (or Prague, or wherever) because every once in a while you look down at it and think about the good times in that place with the friends you met there.

18 You may need a crash course in local politics as you’ve been living under a rock while being abroad.

Thank goodness for SNL

19 Your phone has a Google Translate app and a foreign currency converter.

20 Instead of cursing in English you randomly speak in a foreign language. (I tend to speak in French when people cut me off in traffic, go figure)

21 You’ll probably eat at your favorite restaurant nearly every day the first week you’re back.

22 You keep finding random foreign currency coins in jacket pockets and in the bottom of your purse/bag

23 You’re pretty sure your future husband/wife/or partner must speak at least one foreign language.

24 You use ticket stubs from the museums you visited as bookmarks.

25 You realize that although being abroad sure has it’s perks, but you’re damn lucky to call the place you call home your home. (That’s the beautiful state of Oregon for me.)

Hitting the road again right now sure is tempting, but I’m thinking about doing something rather rebellious after being quite nomadic the past 3 years: staying in one place.

So here’s to finding the beauty of being home and enjoying it for all its worth.

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25 Signs You’ve Returned Home After Traveling Abroad

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